Mr Joel Dunning
Featured Speaker
Mr Joel Dunning
Featured Speaker

Joel did his medical school training at Oxford University at a time when evidence based medicine was taking off. He then went to Manchester for my junior doctor positions and worked for Professor Mackway Jones who had just set up Best Evidence Topics in Emergency Medicine. He encouraged Joel to set up a 10 centre study in children's head injuries that became his PhD and I helped NICE to create National Guidelines in this area. Joel then entered Cardiothoracic Surgery and continued projects in Evidence Based Surgery first inspired by Prof Ludwig Von Segesser to create Best BETS in Cardiothoracic Surgery for the ICVTS and then by Sam Nashef on the EACTS Clinical Guidelines committee to start to produce guidelines for the community.

Joel currently promoting guidelines for the management of arrests after cardiac surgery which he still think is the most important guideline that he have ever helped to create and has the potential to save the most lives.

Clinically he spends a lot of my time doing minimally invasive Thoracic Surgery. He particularly like trying our new techniques for both robotic and VATS surgery including subxiphoid approaches for lobectomy and the thymus. He is involved in the development of a few novel devices including a new 5mm stapler.

Other Interests

EACTS guidelines for resuscitation after Cardiac Surgery.

EACTS guidelines for antiplatelet and anticoagulation management of patients undergoing cardiac surgery

EACTS Guidelines for preoperative medications after cardiac surgery - due late 2016

EACTS guidelines for the Management of Atrial Fibrillation

EACTS guidelines for the Surgical managment of Atrial FibrillationCardiothoracic Advanced Life Support - guidelines for cardiac arrest in the CICU

Best Evidence Topics in Cardiothoracic surgery at

Associate Editor of the EJCTS for Cardiac surgery

Co-Editor in Chief of CTSNet

NICOR research and development board

SCTS academic and research board


Chairman of the EACTS guidelines for perioperative medications after cardiac surgery

Chairman of the STS Expert consensus guidelines on the managment of arrest after cardiac surgery due for publication Jan 2016

PI of VIOLET Study ( VATS Versus open lobectomy)

PI of PULMICC ( Surgery versus conservative treatment for colorectal metastases)

CI of radiolabelled lung nodule excision study at James Cook University Hospital

Currently researching novel ways to perform VATS lobectomy -

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Mr Joel Dunning
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