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Specialist Interests

Mr Ranjit Deshpande is one of the leading surgeons in the UK specialising in minimally invasive surgery, otherwise known as keyhole cardiac surgery. He was the first surgeon to perform minimal access coronary bypass and mitral valve surgery at King's in 2008. He has performed over 200 endoscopy assisted cardiac procedures over 10 years with excellent results. His specialist interest is in endoscopic coronary artery bypass surgery (Endo-ACAB) which is performed as a "beating heart" procedure via a small left chest port which means that there is no long chest scar. For ischemic heart disease he specialises in the use of bilateral internal mammary arteries for coronary artery bypass surgery to achieve total arterial revascularisation.

After the success of endo-ACAB Mr Deshpande ventured into minical access endoscopy assisted mitral valve repair surgery and his mitral repair rate via this technique for degenerative mitral valve prolapse is over 99%. This technique has been extended to mitral valve replacement, tricuspid valve surgery, atrial fibralation ablation, cardiac tumour resection and atrial septal defect closure.

Dr Deshpande is one of the core HEART team surgeons involved in the world renowned "transcatheter aortic valve implantaion" (TAVI) programme at King's College Hospital. He is an integral member of the complex major aortic surgery group and performs aortic root and aortic dissection surgery as part of King's Health Care Partners aortic dissection rota.

Mr Deshpande trained in the South East Thames London Cardiothoracic Surgical Programme. He was appointed as a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2005 and received a prestigious scholarship from the European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgeons to work in OLV Zeinkenhause, Belgium to train in port access endoscopic mitral valve repair surgery. He was appointed as a Senior Registrar in advanced aortic and robotic cardiac surgery at Royal Brompton Hospital in 2006 before being appointed as a consultant at King's College Hospital in 2007.



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