Posthorax Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of post-operative recovery devices. Posthorax was established in 2009 with the start of research and development into the idea which then became our first product, the “Posthorax PRO Sternum Support Vest".

The newly designed "Posthorax PRO Sternum Support vest", clinically proven to reduce a patient’s pain, prevent mediasitnitis, prevent mechanical complications, reduce re-admissions, dramatically reduce post-operative complications financial loses and raise the overall quality of care. With our patented design University hospital across Europe conducted 11 independent clinical trials across 6 countries with more than 10,000 patients. Our goal is to continue to research and design simple, highly affective products that create easy solutions to assist in raising the standard of care in a conscious and innovative direction.

It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to support the London Core Review and we appreciate your attendance.