Terumo Corporation is a global leader in the medical device industry and is dedicated to developing innovative technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.  Every year the company invests significant resources into the research and development of new products. As a result, Terumo’s surgical portfolio for cardiac surgery is one of the most advanced in the industry.

The VirtuoSaph™ Plus EVH System allows saphenous vein and radial artery to be harvested using a minimally invasive technique. The system is designed to control branch length and reduce thermal spread providing excellent graft quality (Reference 1). The open CO2 system reduces the risk of CO2 embolism and intraluminal thrombosis therefore lowering risk to the patient (References 2,3,4)

AQUABRID® is a surgical sealant for aortic procedures. In contact with water AQUABRID® forms an elastic layer, while maintaining a strong seal in the aorta. It is safe and effective in achieving hemostasis, even under fully heparinized conditions (References .5,6,7,8,9). 

Terumo’s Beating Heart and Surgical Stabilisation products provide a versatile combination of stabilisation, positioning and retraction during on- and off-pump cardiac surgery. Terumo recently introduced their Flex™ range which has been redesigned based on customer feedback. The Flex™ Beating Heart and Surgical Stabilisation product line offers even greater versatility, flexibility and a slimmer design (Reference 10).

Our mission is to work as a team to help save one more life, today and every day. We do this by providing lifesaving technology to cardiac surgery teams. Terumo is proud to sponsor the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery Virtual Annual Meeting 2021. More information about our full range of products and services is available here.

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