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10-13 MAY 2023
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Venue Promo Video

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We are extremely delighted to have our next 2023 venue at the Royal College Of Physicians. Our short promo video has a lot of useful information.

We have an amazing walk through/virutal tour of the Royal College Of Physicians. The button below will open a new browser tab for full screen viewing (useful areas - Seligman Theatre and Platt room.

Our 4-Day Menu

A delightful menu to fuel and rejuvinate our atttendees will be available at our event (see downloads page for pdf version).

Welcome To

London Core Review - Cardiothoracic Surgery Course - London Welcome

The Royal College of Physicians, located in the heart of London, has outstanding transport links, and excellent hotels and restaurants nearby.

London Core Review - Royal College Of Physicians - Medicinal Garden

Medicinal Garden

The Royal College of Physicians has had a medical garden since 1965. The collection of plants has continued to expand and now contains over 1,100 plants with links to the history of medicine.

Rich Heritage

The RCP has had five headquarters in London since 1518. The current Grade I listed building in Regent’s Park was designed by architect Sir Denys Lasdun and opened in 1964.  It is one of London’s most important post-war buildings. The Dorchester Library has more than 30 000 printed books and has a collection of over 100 books fromlate fifteenth century.

London Core Review - Royal College Of Physicians - Dorchester Library
London Core Review - Catch Box - Cardiothoracic Interactive Sessions

The World's First Throwable Microphone

We first piloted the use of the Catchbox at our 2019 event, which proved to be very popular. As a result, we are reintroducing the Catchbox in 2022. The Catchbox breaks down barriers to participation and creates an environment where every delegate feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. In addition, the Catchbox breaks down barriers to involvement by turning Q&A sessions into an energizing back-and-forth between speaker and audience. We will be using the Catchbox on day-2 of our event.

Watch Demo Video

Venue Floor Plan

Owing to the positive developments with Covid-19 and government guidelines, the RCP will have normal capacity. The Seligman theatre has a capacity for 140 attendees. In addition, our Sponsors exhibition hall will have the normal capacity.
London Core Review - Royal College Of Physicians - Seligman Auditorium

Our PDF download pack includes our 2023 schedule, venue map, venue floor map and event poster.

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Useful Venue Information

Airport Directions

We have created directions from major airports to our venue using the City Mapper feature. Choose any of the options below to view the different modes of transportations, timings and costings. The City Mapper app is also a free app available on IOS and Android and can be downloaded using the the options below. The app provides quick information to help you get around London.

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