Photo And Video Submission Guideline

The guidelines below are for the submission of profile photos as requested.  Please submit your photos with abstracts using a dedicated abstracts submission form (link shown below). We realise your time is essential; we have made our photo request instructions as simple as possible. The whole process should take no more than a couple of minutes to sort out for submission.

Photo Taking Guide

A full body shot from the knee up facing the camera is required (your shoulders should not be angled for the picture). Our web designer will process submitted photos to remove backgrounds and create the appropriate size needed for our website. A clear background is recommended (white is optimal) to ensure proper extraction of the subject.

Get an Assistant to Help You

Get an assistant to shoot your photo (avoid the use of selfie shots). A modern smartphone is as good as a DSLR Camera for this purpose. Ensure the camera lens is clean before shooting your photo to ensure optimal digital clarity.

Importance Of Submitting Correctly

The photos requested must be done as shown above (full body shot). This will enable our web developer to ensure proper sizing for uniformity.

Cropped shoulder portrait photos such as the one shown below will be rejected, and the sender will be asked to resubmit.

Importance Of Standing Photos

Photos taken from the knee up are essential for other uses beyond portrait headshots. Our web developer will crop your standing photos as needed for various purposes. Do not do this yourself.

Do Not Compress Your Photo

It is essential to ensure that your photo is submitted in full resolution without any compressio. This is required to ensure everything is pixel perfect for today's high-density modern screens on mobile devices and computers.  

Ready To Submit?

The submission form below should be used by those invited to submit photos for our website.