Invitation Letter For Enrolled Delegates

While the London Core Review organisation does not directly get involved with travel visa applications for delegates travelling from abroad, we are happy to produce a PDF invitation letter which can be included as a supporting document.  Through our course survey, which we conduct at the end of each event, we have learnt our letters are quite helpful in helping our course delegates with their visa applications as supporting documents. Kindly check for requirements from local British Embassy/High Commission, you may also use the button below which goes to an official UK government website.

In recent times, we have had an increase in requests for these letters, more often than not by those who desire these letters for visa processing but have no intentions of actually enrolling on our course. As a safeguard, we will be requiring individuals paying for the enrollment first then requesting these letters. Validation will be used as an option. Please note, if you have previously enrolled on our course, you can request this letter before enrolment as we have a track record.

As visa applications can take time to process, we advise everything is planned in good time. We have produced a useful PDF to provide general advice which we advise you to read before submitting a request for an invitation letter. You may request this by emailing us directly using the option below, please ensure that the following is provided (responses normally within 24 hours):

Check If
Travel Visa
Is Needed