Our Course Attendees

Below is a representation of the typical kind of attendees we receive on our course annually.

Sponsorship Funding Usage

Without sponsorship funding, our course would not exist. Our budget is used with great care to ensure the overall success of the course.

2024 Event Schedule

Our event schedule provides a great learning experience and ensures our esteemed sponsors get maximum exposure to our incoming delegates in our exhibition hall. In addition, we have numerous well-planned breaks spread over the 3-day event. In addition, our responsive schedule page includes access to a PDF version (available on our downloads page).

Compliance & Accreditation

Our 2024 event has just received Ethical Medtech compliance. The CVS is a centralised decision-making system that encourages transparency and consistency in medical education events. Please click link below to view compliance -  CVS Event Reference: EMT36778.

The SCTS accredits the London Core Review course for cardiothoracic surgery. Delegates who complete the 3-day event will receive 24 hours of CPD. Those who meet a single day of the course receive a 9 hours credit.

Our sponsor brochure provides quick information in beautifully illustrated graphics. Our Wetransfer PDF download pack includes our sponsor invitation brochure, event schedule, venue floor plan, map, delivery instructions, event poster and local hotel guide. For sponsor tariff pricing contact us directly using by emailing us by clicking here.

Number One On Browser Search

Our website currently (as of 19th November 2023) ranks number one for critical keyword searches such as cardiothoracic and cardiac surgery courses. Organic traffic to our website has been increasing over time. Although daily rankings can vary, we have maintained page one status for a range of keyword searches and are usually in the top 3 of search results.

Out of 118 million search results
Out of 99 million search results
Clicks From all Over the World

Awareness of our cardiothoracic surgery course has been spreading globally over the years through our informative website.

Source: Google Analytics - 01 November 2023

Widely Viewed Course Vidoes

Our members’ area course videos are popular in the UK and globally. Our members' library has an extensive collection of archived event recorded videos (300+). Views on these have been growing exponentially. 

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Source: Vimeo - 01 October 2022 - 01 October 2023

We are Social

We are social with over 2.8K Followers on Facebook  and 1.7K followers on Instagram respectively. We are looking forward to advancing awareness of our cardiothoracic surgery course through our exteranl networks.

Bespoke Sponsor webpage

All of our 2024 London Core Review sponsors will have bespoke web pages designed to include a header image, text, videos and pdf insertion options on our high traffic website. In addition, we have a sample page that goes over specifics, including submission (click/touch button below).

Video Testimonials

We have an extensive collection of video testimonials from our course delegates (2015-2023) on our website showcasing praise for our course.

Over 35 Video Testimonials From All Over
logos on Course Bag

All our 3-day attendees receive a complimentary course bag with course books. Our bags are high quality and durable, offering excellent exposure for our sponsors well beyond our 3-day events.

Logos On Course book

Our 3-Day delegate course book cover over 55 lectures. Our book contains slides from the lectures. The material is updated annually. Provision for note taking is available to ensure a better learning experience.

Exhibition Roller banner

Event sponsors will have their company logos printed on our roller banners located in prominent areas during the event. As the printing of the banners will be done about 30 days before the event start date, we encourage sponsors to finalise arrangements in good time.



The state of the art Henry Wellcome auditorium has 154 fixed seats and a flat platform at the top for wheelchair users. We have allocated 2 premium sponsor presentation slots as shown on the schedule. Sponsor presentations will be recorded along with the other lectures and placed in the members’ area ensuring good exposure to content well beyond the 2024 event. Our theatre will feature state-of-the-art AV facilities with 4-5 fixed cameras for recording podium presentations as well as the interactive sessions.


London Core Review - Royal College Of Physicians - Seligman Auditorium
Last row reserved for faculty & sponsor reps
154 Seats
World's First Thowable Soft Cushioned Microphone

The world's first throwable soft foam microphone will be used during our interactive sessions to inspire attendees & create energetic discussions between speakers and the theatre audience.

London Core Review - Catch Box - Cardiothoracic Interactive Sessions
Franks & Steel Rooms

The Franks & Steel rooms combined to form a unified exhibition area where all the sponsor exhibits will be located. This area is adjacent  to the catering hall to ensure good exposure and flow of attendees. Poseur tables will be strategically located to ensure good interactions. Premium sponsors will also have access to the promo screens to play back background looping videos. Ample chairs will be available to ensure sponsor reps can move around and network with their colleagues.

William's Lounge

Registration & event catering will be available in the William’s Lounge. This area is conveniently located adjacent to the main exhibition area and theatre. Other features include a self-service cloakroom and faculty breakout/video testimonial recording room. The space will offer an additional networking area networking for delegates, sponsors  and our faculty.


Our Wellcome Collection venue floor plan covers

  • General Ground Floor Layout.
  • Lower Ground Floor (-1) where our event will be located.
  • William's Lounge: Registration & Catering Area
  • Franks & Steel Rooms: Sponsor Industry Exhibitions (the layout is also available as a separate download, see downloads page).
  • Henry Wellcome Auditorium: State of the art lecture theatre.
  • Also available as part of our PDF downloads pack


Our informative hotel guides includes:

  • Star rated (1-5) hotels to suit all budgets.
  • Citymapper website showing walking distances from the Wellcome Collection venue to various hotels.
  • IOS & Android apps for Citymapper
  • Hotel Website
  • Hotel Phone Number
  • Available in download pack
  • Hotels not included in sponsor tariffs.
2024 Sponsor Delivery Info

We have created a simple to us delivery info page for our sponsors. Our PDF delivery instructions document also has printable labels for exhibitor packages.

Are you interested in sponsoring the London Core Review? Use the button below to contact us directly. In addition, we can set up a preliminary Zoom meeting with our course director, Mr Aziz Momin, to provide a tailored sponsorship solution.