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Consultant Cardiac, Thoracic surgeons and beyond.
Professor Tirone David
Professor Gebrine El Khoury
Professor Prakash Punjabi
John Doty, MD
Mr Aziz Momin
Mr Alex Shipolini
Mr John Pilling
Mr V. Chandrasekaran
Professor David Taggart
Professor Aung Oo
Mr Ranjit Deshpande
Dr Lauren Tully
Professor Laurent De Kerchove
Lee McCann, MD
William Caine, MD
Mr Shakil Farid
Professor Karen Redmond
Dr Emiliano Navarra
Dr Alison Duncan
Eric Griffiths, MD
Professor Randy Lee
Professor Vinayak Bapat
Virginia R. Litle, MD
Professor Brendan Madden
Mr Shafi Mussa
Mr Simon Phillips
Daniel Gutteridge, MD
David Min, M.D.

Our Video Library

Over 200 + archived cardiac, congenital, thoracic video lectures presented in a beautiful illustrated video gallery with user-friendly navigation.

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While our course videos work great on all kinds of devices from mobile phones, tablets, laptops to desktops, they also work great with Apple Airplay enable TVS. Simply start a video and choose the Airplay icon enjoy HD goodness !
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Videos that capture the interaction

Unlike traditional laser pointers, our Logitech presenting device allows us to faithfully capture areas the lecturer is pointing on the screen. This allows for better absorption of the course content.

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HD Video Lectures Library
HD Video Lectures Library
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Archived Videos From Past
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Mobile Friendly Navigation
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Super Fast Streaming Videos
Super Fast Streaming Videos
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