SERB is a European specialty pharmaceutical group focused on prescription medicines which address rare and life-threatening diseases. Following strategic acquisitions and targeted developments, SERB has succeeded in establishing a consistent drugs portfolio focused on niche specialty pharmaceuticals to ensure continuous availability of life-saving medicines and answer unmet medical needs. Our commitment is to continue to offer essential drugs meeting Public Health needs.

Collatamp® G, a resorbable gentamicin collagen implant,  is used for local haemostasis of capillary, parenchymatous and seeping haemorrhages in areas with a high risk of infection1. This product contains gentamicin sulphate at a locally effective dose. Systemically effective therapeutic blood or plasma levels are not generally achieved1.

Collatamp® G is used in several surgical procedures in: cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, electrocardiology, orthopaedic surgery and gastrointestinal surgery. (reference 1 = Instruction for use, Feb. 2016)