Professor Karen Redmond
Course Faculty
Professor Karen Redmond
Course Faculty

Professor Redmond specializes in the surgical management of patients with lung cancer, end-stage lung disease (emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis) and a range of other prevalent conditions including complex airway and pectus conditions. She has specialist expertise in minimally-invasive procedures including iVATS directed excision of pulmonary nodules

She was awarded an honours degree with the Gold Medal in Surgery from University College Dublin in 1997. Following a Young Investigators Award for supervised research in lung cancer from the European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery, she went on to win the prestigious Society Medal from the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain and Ireland for her MD work on the “Role of Human Stem Cells in Tumor Angiogenesis”. After completing her specialist training in cardio-thoracic surgery in June 2007, Professor Redmond was awarded a United States Surgical Minimally Invasive Lung Cancer Surgery Scholarship and trained in her subspecialty field of thoracic surgery and lung transplantation at Toronto General Hospital, Canada. There she had the opportunity to consolidate her surgical expertise in keyhole surgery for lung cancer and mesothelioma.

The first female lung transplant surgeon to be appointed both in the UK and Ireland, Professor Redmond returned from her consultant post at The Royal Brompton Harefield NHS Trust and Imperial College in London in 2011. A record thirty three lung transplants were performed in 2013 with the first pulmonary hypertensive patient receiving a lung transplant. Also, the first lobar lung transplant was performed in a cystic fibrosis recipient and the first non-heart beating donor was implanted into a patient with pulmonary fibrosis. Professor Redmond has international expertise in ex-vivo lung perfusion, being the Surgical Principal Investigator that started the UK Develop Trial, a process that allows lungs to be reconditioned (perfused and ventilated) outside the body prior to implantation. These pioneering techniques have helped to increase the number of lung transplants and allow all adult Irish patients to be treated in the Republic.

She is one of the first trained robotic surgeons in the British Isles with recent published comparative meta-analyses on robotic lobectomy (BASCO Award at the 2019 SCTS Annual Meeting) and thymectomy. She is an invited member of the National Cancer Control Programme Robotic Advisory Group for Ireland.

She is one of the first thoracic surgeons worldwide to start an iVATS programme (CT-guided localisation in the Hybrid Theatre) resecting pulmonary nodules supporting diagnosis and / or curative resection of pulmonary metastases.

Professor Redmond is frequently invited to speak at national and international meetings, is a reviewer for journals focused on her subspecialty field of thoracic surgery and transplantation. She is an associate editor of Transplant International, Impact factor 3.177. She was the event organizer for a national meeting ‘InitiativesinCOPD’ December 2017 and an invited speaker on this speciality topic at the London Royal College of Physicians September 2018. She directs an academic programme, supervising grant-funded MD and PhD students in such areas as pulmonary rehabilitation, health economics and EVLP (ASIT Prize 2019), supporting a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals. She is a member of a number of national and international committees, including the Board of Representatives for the Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons for the UK and ROI (SCTS) and The Cardiothoracic Advisory Group in the UK (CTAG).

As a consultant in the UK, she was delighted to be offered the opportunity to return to work in Dublin and support the thoracic surgery and lung transplant service at the Mater. Working in the Canadian and NHS healthcare systems has been very rewarding, where there is a strong emphasis on governance, quality control and evidence-based commissioning of services. “I would like to think that I can build my service around those experiences that provide the highest standard of care.”

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Professor Karen Redmond
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