Celebrating our 25th year, Dot Medical are a pioneer in state of the art health care technology in the UK and are proud to supply and support the NHS, especially in the area of cardiology.We represent a wide repertoire of highly regarded manufacturers, including OSYPKA, ZOLL and BARDY. Our products cover cardiac surgery, interventional cardiology and electrophysiology.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding support and educational programs we provide on all of our products. Our product specialists are dedicated to heightening safety and efficacy in hospitals.

Cardiac Surgery

NeoChord: The NeoChord procedure is performed on the beating heart through a 2 to 3 inch incision between the ribs, unlike some repair procedures where the sternum is cut and the rib cage is spread open. Using echocardiographic guidance, the NeoChord DS1000 is introduced through the lowest part of the heart (apex), into the left ventricle, and between the mitral valve leaflets. The prolapsed leaflet is then grasped using the expandable jaws of the device. When the monitor confirms that the leaflet has been adequately captured, the ePTFE suture is deployed and attached to the leaflet. The suture is then pulled through the apex of the heart as the DS1000 is removed. The correct length of the suture is determined by using real time echocardiographic guidance and observing the improvement in mitral valve regurgitation in the beating heart. The suture is then secured to the apex of the heart. The goal of mitral valve repair is to restore natural leaflet motion and to preserve a large valve opening with leaflets that fit well together.

- PulseCath iVAC2L 17F Femoral Approach: IABP to LVAD at the Touch of a Button.

The iVAC 2L is a short term, fully percutaneous, 17Fr. trans femoral LVAD that effectively generates blood flow up to 2 liters per minute. By actively unloading the ventricle, the iVAC 2L provides critical hemodynamic support during high-risk revascularization procedures, in cases of acute myocardial infarction and cardiogenic shock and for high-risk patients

Fast and easy emergency support solution.

Fully percutaneous approach through an expandable 15 fr. sheath.

Cost effective and familiar execution due to a universally adaptable design that fully integrates with a standard IABP console.Dot Medical offers a range of External Pacemakers from OSYPKA for every kind of temporary cardiac stimulation environment. Triple Chamber when Cardiac Resynchronisation is important, Dual Chamber for standard post Cardiac Surgery and TAVI procedures, and Single Chamber for quick and easy simple pacing. These high quality pacing boxes are the longest support on the market, coupled with our extensive training program, the package offer the most reliable, high standard pacing package to hospitals nationwide. We also supply a variety of pacing cable and wire solutions.

CIRCA’s S-CATH™ Hot & Cold Oesophageal Temperature Monitoring System improves oesophageal temperature monitoring with a superior design and unmatched accuracy. Twelve electrically insulated, fast-response temperature sensors on a soft, flexible self-expanding probe which conforms to the shape of the oesophagus and provides maximum oesophageal coverage. The CIRCA System is accurate in the extremes of both Hot and Cold (down to 0°C) temperatures.

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Dot Medical are CQC certified, and have exemplary GDPR compliance. We have received a number of awards for our ‘above and beyond’ hospital and patient support…including a patients choice award at the building better healthcare awards for 2 years running.